Vale Server now works with Gmail, GitHub, Medium,, WordPress, Confluence, … and more!

A regex revamp, spaCy-powered NLP, and a much-improved onboarding experience.

Client updates, an action re-write, and more LanguageTool integration improvements.

Actions get a re-write

A comparison of action response times between v1 (Python) and v2 (Go).

A guide to creating regex-based rules for Vale and Vale Server.

An example rule from Vale’s style for the Microsoft Writing Style Guide.


A re-designed Dashboard, including a new rule editor with built-in regex101 integration.

Vale Server’s new Studio page

Vale Studio [beta]

A demo of Vale Server’s VS Code extension

A tutorial on linting your OpenAPI Specification files

An introduction to common Vale (Server) workflows and use cases.

A screenshot of the Vale Server v1.3 dashboard
  • Remotely: Remote usage typically involves running…

Vale Server is a desktop application that brings your editorial style guide to life.

A control flow diagram of Vale Server’s functionality

Introducing Vale Server, a native desktop app for Vale

Vale Server running on macOS


Joseph Kato

An open-source software developer with interests in natural language processing, data science, and collaborative writing. More @

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