An automated workflow for scientific writing on Medium

How to upload Markdown files to Medium while maintaining tables, syntax highlighting, math typesetting, and footnotes.

Joseph Kato


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Medium is an excellent platform for blogging and it has increasingly become a go-to source of knowledge on data science and other technical topics.

Unfortunately, though, the writing experience on Medium for scientific topics isn’t great: there’s no support for tables, code syntax highlighting, math typesetting, or footnotes — all pretty essential elements for many posts.

I’m not the first person to run into this issue, either. A few searches for keyword phrases like “medium math formula” demonstrate how widespread the issue really is:

While these are all useful articles in their own right, none of the proposed solutions were particularly appealing to me.

What if I want to write a typical Markdown post once and have it “just work” on Medium?

Well, now you can.

Introducing pb, an open-source CLI tool

pb is an open-source, command-line tool designed to facilitate a multi-platform, scientific publishing workflow.

The idea is pretty simple: you write your post locally using your favorite Markdown editor, such as VS Code or Typora, and then use pb to upload it to…



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