Introducing Vale Server

Vale Server is a desktop application that brings your editorial style guide to life.

A control flow diagram of Vale Server’s functionality

Vale Server 101

Vale Server running through its Visual Studio Code client.
Vale Server’s web-based dashboard.

You’re working for an organization that adheres to the Microsoft Writing Style Guide, so you’ve installed the style and added it to your configuration file.

Over time, you add your own organization’s terminology to various rules and exception lists (e.g., Acronyms.yml and Headings.yml).

A few weeks later, a new version of the style is released with a few bug fixes and enhancements. What do you do now? You either have to overwrite your changes altogether or slowly migrate each customized rule individually.

Vale Server’s project-based vocabulary dashboard.
Clients (Sublime Text 3 shown above) have rich support for Vale Server and its resources.

Vale vs. Vale Server

Going Forward



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