The Vale Workflow

An introduction to common Vale (Server) workflows and use cases.

A screenshot of the Vale Server v1.3 dashboard


The remote environment

The third-party base style [optional]

Installs the latest release of a remotely hosted style (in this case Microsoft) into /styles.

The organization-specific style

Putting it all together: The CI service

├── ci
│ ├── scripts
│ │ └──
│ └── styles
│ ├── MyOrganization
│ │ └── SpellCheck.yml
│ ├── Microsoft (added to .gitignore)
│ │ ...
│ └── vocab.txt
├── docs
│ ...
├── .vale.ini
├── .travis.yml
├── .gitignore

The local environment

The issues with Vale

The case for Vale Server

Click the Open Dashboard… option from the context menu and then Styles from the sidebar.
See Configuration and Styles for more information.


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