Vale Comes to the Desktop

Introducing Vale Server, a native desktop app for Vale

Vale Server running on macOS


Vale Server maintains Vale’s high standards for performance and privacy. It consists of three components:

  • A cross-platform GUI layer written in C++, allowing the app to appear as native as possible without having to maintain multiple codebases;
  • a platform-specific OS interaction layer that makes use of native APIs (e.g., Cocoa on macOS); and
  • an embedded HTTP server for interacting with a custom build of Vale. This server runs locally, meaning that you never have to send your content to a remote destination.


Project configuration using Vale Server

Vale Dashboard

An example of using the new Vale Dashboard

Style Management

Vale Server’s style management page


Vale Server running on a GitHub text box
  • By installing one of its official plugins for Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Sublime Text, Atom, or Visual Studio Code (Note: some of these are still in development, but they will all be available by the end of the testing period discussed below); or
  • by using its native clipboard API, allowing you to use it with applications that don’t have an official plugin (as shown in the above screenshot).

Going Forward

Vale Server is currently in a pre-release testing phase.



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