Vale Server v1.3

Joseph Kato
2 min readOct 24, 2019

LanguageTool, Rule Actions, updated clients, and more!

A demo of Vale Server’s VS Code extension

The past few months have been quite busy in terms of Vale and Vale Server development, I’ve released Vale v2.0.0-beta, Vale Server v1.2, and new versions of the Atom, Sublime Text, and Visual Studio Code clients.

Today I’m here to announce yet another new release, Vale Server 1.3, which builds off of a bunch of work that’s been done with Vale v2.0.0 and the new text editor clients.

LanguageTool Integration

While Vale Server is primarily concerned with enforcing certain writing styles, the ability to provide grammar-related suggestions has been a popular feature request. v1.3 addresses this request by integrating with LanguageTool, an open-source grammar checker with over 2,000 rules for English.

The integration is seamless and all of your favorite Vale Server features will still work out-of-the-box: After installing LanguageTool through the dashboard, you’ll have access to a new LanguageTool style that can be used like any other.

A Vale Server project using the new `LanguageTool` style.

This will allow you to receive grammar suggestions across all of Vale Server’s editor clients, while still making use of Vale Server’s sophisticated understanding of markup (which LanguageTool doesn’t support on its own).

Here’s an example document showcasing some of the new rules:

Rule Actions

The second major new feature in v1.3 is the ability to fix style violations from within your favorite text editor (currently, VS Code, Atom, and Sublime Text are supported):

Style support for Rule Actions is still a work in progress, but LanguageTool, Microsoft, Vale, and Google have all been updated to make use of the new feature.

See the Vale Server website for more information. (Note: the latest features in v1.3 aren’t currently available in free trial builds.)



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